Saving Power, Saving The Planet, Saving Money.

Zero risk or money down, unlimited Return.

We Do More Than Solar

Empyrean Energy Solutions is a local business brought to you by home-grown Las Cruces
natives with 50+ years in the local surrounding area.  Our Management team are all proud
graduates of New Mexico State University, and together they have coordinated a great
team to spread the news throughout our community and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Empyrean?

Our specialty is in assisting homeowners and businesses on how to obtain the ultimate savings based on their energy consumption by implementing the use of solar energy. You will receive more than solar panels for your home or business you will be amplifying a positive impact.

Our Motto is to under promise and over deliver!

Residential Energy Solutions

Some solar companies will recommend installing as many solar panels on your roof as possible, our approach is quite different.


By first reducing your energy waste through efficiency measures, we can maximize the value of your solar investment.

Commercial Energy Solutions

Allow your business to take advantage of local utility incentives, State/Federal tax credits and maximize your savings. We provide Energy Reducers that further increase your business profit and efficiency.

Quit Renting Electricity and Own it!

Fill out our online form to get an assessment of your home or business energy consumption and we'll help you lower that bill!

Our Team is Located Here in Las Cruces!

Visit us at 2805 Las Vegas Ct, Suite B, Las Cruces, NM!


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Want to find out how much we can save you on your electricity bill?

A proper energy assessment is achieved by evaluating your annual consumption. By simply providing a copy of your electric bill we will prepare your personalized analysis. Once we receive your information, one of our professional energy consultants will then present your monthly, annual and lifetime savings in the privacy of your home at your convenience.